Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey, turkey!

This one was a fun craft to do while I had the pleasure of babysitting my daughters best friend! You need...
(per turkey)
1 babyfood jar (any size)
2 googly eyes
1 small orange or yellow triangle for the beak
6 feathers from construction paper of assorted colors
1 rubber band
candy (candy corn, m&ms, it's your choice)
marker, glue, scissors

1) Cut out your beak and feathers.
2) Ask your child(ren) things they are thankful for (or if they can't quite grasp this, try asking what things they really like) and write their answers on the feathers
3) Have your child fill the jar with candy they like.
4) Put on the lid and glue. on the eyes and beak.
5) Glue the feathers together, then onto the jar. Put the rubber band around the feathers/jar so that they stay down while drying.
6) When dry, take off the rubber band and enjoy!

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