Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Organized!

Whew- 6 month hiatus! Raising babies is tough and it's a pain in the butt to move with 2 kids. We've been in this new place for 2 months now and are still trying to unpack and organize the last few boxes... BUT we have managed to get some sort of schedule going, which is something I encourage every family to try to do.
For instance, Sunday is our prep-for-the-week day. I try to do laundry throughout the week, but I make sure to finish it all on Sunday. I also wash all of the bedclothes and rugs on Sunday. We meal plan, grocery shop, clean bedrooms, and make sure everything gets cleaned, not just tidied. During the rest of the week, I pick up the living room and kitchen every night, making sure especially that the dishes get done and laundry gets put in the dryer so that it doesn't sit in the washer overnight. I tidy the bathroom whenever I give the girls a bath, so every day/every other day it gets disinfected and things get picked up off of the floor and put away. I wait to sweep and mop it until Sunday.
So my challenge for you is to pick a day when you can spend a little extra time cleaning, and to try to spend a half hour every night cleaning something... pick the rooms that annoy you the most when they're dirty. I pick my living room and kitchen because I spend the most amount of time there and because they're both where visitors are the most often.